Registration Times:

    Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M -3:00 P.M

    Phone Number: 904.630.6700 ext. 999925 | 904.630.6723 Fax Number 


    Maurice L. Nesmith, Principal

    Latoya Council, AP

    Dr. Muriel Wallace, Counselor

    Richard Palo, Counselor

    Kelly Parker, Data Entry Clerk

    Paulette Ervin, Guidance Clerk





    The Guidance Department seeks to assist students in self-understanding, decision making, development of values, and the attainment of the attitudes and skills required to be productive citizens in our society.  The major services provided for students include: counseling; conferences with parents; referral of students and parents to appropriate school and community agencies for assistance; assisting students in their curricular planning and course selection; education and career development; assessment of student capabilities, interests, aptitudes and needs.  All students have a cumulative folder on file in the records room.  You may view a student’s folder by checking it out from the records clerk.  Please view the folder in the guidance area. 


    Counselors meet with students via classroom lessons on a regular basis. Teachers are expected to coordinate these activities with the counselors. The counselor assignments are as follows: 

    Grade Level 

    Guidance Counselor 

    7th/8th Grade 

    Dr. Muriel Wallace


    6th Grade

    Richard Palo