• School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)


    The Health Education Committee (HEC) aims to review programs, organizations, and speakers who would like to present in Duval County Public Schools on health topics.  The committee is comprised of DCPS staff, teachers, and community organization staff.  There is a formal process for the review and approval of programs, including:

    • Determine if the program needs review, using the Review Process document.
    • Complete the SHAC Speakers Application and follow the instructions.
    • The HEC will review and discuss the application.
    • The committee will make a recommendation for approval or denial to the larger SHAC.
      Please note: Approved resources are required to adhere to both Florida Statute and Duval County School Board Policy.
    • If a program is approved, it is added to the DCPS SHAC Approved Speakers List
    • The Approved Speakers List is reviewed annually and available to school administrators and teachers.
    • After each presentation at a school, the HEC asks speakers to complete the Speaker Survey for tracking purposes.
    • After each presentation in a classroom, the HEC asks teachers to complete the following Teacher Survey.
      for tracking purposes. 


    The Health Education committee meets the Wednesday before each monthly SHAC meeting.