• Here at Hendricks Avenue we understand the importance of being safe when we work and when we play!
    Here are the basic rules that we follow while playing on the equipment during recess and other activities:
    - Heads Up
    When you are out at recess, always be aware of what is happening around you. Be sure to watch where you are playing. Is it safe? Keep your head up to make sure.
    - Hands Only
    When we play, we use our hands to pass things and to play. We don't use our feet unless it's part of the rules.
    - Safe Distance
    Make sure that when you play you are a safe distance from other students. This is especially important when you're swinging on swings or running. Make sure you don't get dangerously close to the other students who are playing.
    - One Way
    Whether you are swinging or sliding down a slide, make sure that you are only going one direction. Don't ever swing to the side or try walking up the slide. Only go one way and stay safe.