• At Riverside High School we do our best every day to provide you with a full education based on the four pillars of Engagement, Understanding, Rigor, and Ownership.  In an effort to ensure that you are provided every opportunity to receive such an education, we have certain "safety nets" in place to provide needed support, incentives, remediation, etc.
    Some of the Following Safety Nets are In Place in Every Classroom: 
    • Regular Parent Contact through e-mail and phone calls
    • Quarterly Progress Reports
    • Weekly After School Tutoring in All Core Subject Areas
    • Class Websites to Communicate Information, Instruction, and Support
    • Data-Based Remediation and 
    • Teacher-Student Data Chats to Discuss Student Strengths, Needs for Improvement, and Next Steps
    • Opportunities for Assignment Revision and Retaking of Assessments (at Teacher's Discretion)