General Testing Info for Mandated Assessments
  • General Testing Information for Duval Virtual Full-Time Students (updated July 2020)

    All DVIA students are required to participate in State testing, that includes, but is not limited to FSA ELA and Mathematics and NGSSS Science and Social Studies assessments. As well, DVIA students are required to complete District Baseline and Progress Monitoring Assessments for courses that end in state-mandated testing.

    • Per the Student Progression Plan for Duval County: p.20, Item E1 Virtual Instruction Programs: … “All Students participating in full time virtual instruction programs must participate in State-mandated assessments offered at attendance area schools in order to remain in the virtual program."

    • And, per Florida House Bill 7069, Page 58, Lines 5976-5985: "(6) STUDENT PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS - Each student enrolled in a virtual instruction program or virtual charter school must: (b) Take statewide assessments pursuant to s. 1008.22. Student assessment program for public schools."


    DVIA Test Coordinator

    Ms. Stacie Y. Bogan

    (904) 701-3377

    Please contact Ms. Bogan for any required district or state testing questions or concerns.


    State testing varies by grade level and subject area. Listed below are the current tests required for all Duval Virtual Full-Time Students. DVIA students will test at the higher level course based on his/her schedule. Note: Algebra I, Geometry, Civics, Biology, and US History EOCs will only be given to students who are currently enrolled in the course or who need to retake the test to earn course credit.


    Elementary Tests:

    • FSA ELA Reading and Writing (Grades 4, 5)

    • FSA ELA Reading (Grade 3)

    • FSA Math (Grades 3, 4, 5)

    • NGSSS Science (Grade 5)


    Middle School Tests:

    • FSA ELA Reading and Writing (Grades 6, 7, 8)

    • FSA Math (Grades 6, 7, 8)

    • NGSSS Science (Grade 8)

    • EOCs per student schedule:

      o Algebra I^, Geometry, Civics and Biology


    High School Tests:

    • FSA ELA Reading and Writing (Grades 9, 10^)

    • EOCs per student schedule: o Algebra I^, Geometry, Biology and U. S. History

    ^ The Grade 10 FSA ELA and Algebra 1 EOC are graduation requirements. As such, students must earn passing scores on both assessments (or their approved concordant exams) by their expected graduation date. Retakes will be given as needed for students who have yet to meet these two requirements.