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The Duval Transformation Office (DTO) was developed in 2013 with a goal to provide quality education to the students of the 36 historically low-performing schools in the Raines, Ribault, and Jackson high school feeder patterns. In a three year period, due to the great work in the DTO schools, 13 schools have been added to the DTO Region with a total of 49 schools. 

This region includes 18,046 students in 40 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 1 K-8 school, and 3 high schools. Serving a student population that is 78% African American, 13% Caucasian, 3% Multi-racial,5% Hispanic, 1% American Indian, 1% Hawaiian/ PI, and 1% Asian  with 72% qualifying for free/reduced lunch.

Together with Superintendent Nikolai Vitti and vital community partnerships, Assistant Superintendent Iranetta R. Wright seeks to transform these schools through creating a culture of academic and behavioral success, developing a team of proven and passionate urban educators and leaders, limiting operational obstacles to focus on student learning, and holding herself, schools, and students accountable for performance.

 Armed with $50 million from private investors and independent research compiled by the Bridgespan Group, Quality Education for All (QEA) seeks to systematically transform 36 traditionally low- performing schools through investment in human capital. Paramount to the DTO Initiatives include establishment of a highly- effective oversight office within the district, monetary incentives for high- performing educators, a pipeline of competent leaders through partnerships with Columbia University and Teach for America,  high- level relationships with City- Year and creation of a Jacksonville Teacher Residency program.  In the DTO Region current markers of QEA success within the 36 schools include an overall increase in student proficiency rates, all of the schools showing an improvement in schools accountability grades, an increase of high- performing teachers, and Gallup student survey score increases in areas of hope, well- being, engagement, and satisfaction.


DTO School Grades and Historic Performance

School Number School Name Principal 2016 2015 2014
35 Andrew Jackson High Evan Daniels D C D
165 William M. Raines High Vincent Hall C D D
96 Jean Ribault High Christopher Jackson I C C
216 Jefferson Davis Middle Nidia Ashby D F F
244 Highlands Middle Jackie Simmons Jr. D F F
146 Matthew Gilbert Middle Jamelle Goodwin D F D
155 Northwestern Middle Shawn Platts D F F
212 Jean Ribault Middle Angela Maxey D D F
262 Andrew Robinson Elementary Latrese Fann C D F
21 Annie R. Morgan Elementary Lashawn Streater D F D
46 Arlington Elementary Kimberly Brown D F C
240 Arlington Heights Elementary Charlene McEarl D D B
78 Biltmore Elementary Sabrina Sessions- Jones D C F
269 Biscayne Elementary Deshune Bush B B C
15 Brentwood Elementary Jacqueline Jones D F D
166 Carter G. Woodson Elementary Cheryl Quarles- Gaston D C D
45 Dinsmore Elementary Wanda Reese A B D
255 Enterprise Learning Academy Sylvia Embry D C C
235 Ft. Caroline Elementary Violet Stovall B D D
59 Garden City Elementary Michelle Grover D D D
158 George W. Carver Elementary Katrina Riley D F D
243 Gregory Drive Elementary Andrea Schletter D D C
37 Henry F. Kite Elementary Carolyn Davis C B C
99 Highlands Elementary Jeffrey Collins D D B
64 Hogan Spring Glen Elementary Charlene James B D D
214 Hyde Grove Elementary Augena Sapp D F F
77 Hyde Park Elementary Tarsha Mitchell D D F
154 John E. Ford K-8 Paula Renfro B B C
73 John Love Elementary Niketah Johnson F F D
74 Lake Forest Elementary Cassandra Thomas D D F
85 Lake Lucina Elementary Shirley Winfrey D D C
106 Long Branch Elementary Viveca Brown C F D
82 Love Grove Elementary Tiffany Emmanuel- Wright D C F
220 Martin L. King Jr. Elementary Cindy Gentry D D C
221 Normandy Village Elementary Helen Dunbar C D D
70 North Shore Elementary Felicia Hardaway C C D
270 Oceanway Elementary Michelle Hinkley C D D
205 Pickett Elementary Carlene Smith C B C
250 Pine Estates Elementary Michelle Quarles C D D
79 Ramona Boulevard Elementary Detra Demps C C C
204 Reynolds Lane Elementary Marianne Simon C D C
163 Rufus E. Payne Weisha Day- Killette C F D
95 Rutledge H. Pearson Elementary Erica Little C B B
169 S.A. Hull Elementary Angela Lott C C C
149 S.P. Livingston Elementary Robert Gresham F F F
91 Sallye B. Mathis Elementary Kathleen Adkins C C D
124 St. Clair Evan Elementary Lawanda Polydore D D C
128 Susie E. Tolbert Elementary Andrea Williams- Scott C C C
48 Thomas Jefferson Elementary Lori Turner A A C