• Conditional Enrollment Agreement and Requirement for
    Re-enrollment for Duval Virtual Instruction Academy
    Duval Virtual requires that you/your child meet all conditions that foster a successful online education. During the first 28 days of  enrollment, he/she will be evaluated by teachers, guidance counselors, and the assistant principal based on the following minimum conditions of a successful online student:
    1. Consistent parent(s)/guardian(s) supervision.
    2. Maintaining appropriate academic pace in all courses.
    3. Establishing regular communication with all teachers.
    4. Daily engagement in course activities.
    5. Maintaining a passing average of “C” or higher in the coursework
    6. Honoring “academic integrity” as established by DVIA and Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) for student conduct.


    If, during the initial 15 instructional days, it is determined by DVIA that you/your child is not fulfilling the conditional agreement, he/she will placed on academic probation for an additional period of 13 days. If, at 28 days, he/she is not recommended for online education, your student will be withdrawn and scheduled for a conference to be evaluated for an appropriate educational institution. (If you have a grievance with the recommendation/withdrawal process, you will be required to sign a waiver and schedule a conference.)
    State Testing Requirement: Attendance at all required standardized testing required by DVIA, Duval County and the State of Florida.
    When completing your initial registration forms, the parent and student must acknowledge they read, understand and agree to the terms of this section.