• Proof of Residency Requirements

    Proof of residence is required before a student is enrolled in his/her properly assigned school. For registration and subsequent enrollment, the parent or legal guardian must complete the district's student registration form and submit:

    2 (two) documents from the sources listed in Column A (both sources of information must match)


    1 (one) document from Column A and 2 (two) documents from Column B (all sources of information must match).

    For extraordinary circumstances, please contact the District's Pupil Assignment Office/School Choice office directly for further clarification regarding other accepted official identification sources not listed below.


    Column A Column B
    Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Bill or TECO Bill Automobile Insurance
    Mortgage Agreement (or closing statement) Credit Card Statement
    Lease Agreement (from a company, or *private individual) Bank Account Statement
    Driver’s License or State ID US Postal Service Confirmation of Address Change
      Current Bank Account Statement (may block out account number)
      Payroll Statement
      Current Non-cellular Phone Bill
      Vehicle Registration