•   James Weldon Johnson Dance Team members at the start of their performance

    DCPS Dance


    Our customers

    DCPS Dance teachers, community members and businesses and indirectly, students, principals, and classroom teachers

    Our goals

    • To make the Arts such a vital part of education that every child is provided arts experiences as part of their educational experience in Duval County;
    • To assist dance teachers in reaching their goal of educating children in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of dance;
    • To provide teachers with the necessary resources to reach their goals;
    • To keep dance teachers informed of and involved with news and activities relevant to their programs;
    • To be a liaison between classroom teachers and the administrative network, providing funding and regulations for dance programs in the schools;
    • To be a liaison between schools and community groups or businesses with an interest in supporting dance education.



    Dr. Laurie Hoppock, Director of the Arts

    Fine Arts Office
    2924 Knights Lane East
    Building 10
    Jacksonville, FL 32216

    Amanda Pfisterer, Elementary Music Specialist

    Music Resource Center
    Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology
    7450 Wilson Blvd | Room 305
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    904.348.5742 | Office