Teen Health Center
    Teen Health Centers

    Beginning in 2013, through the provision of a grant from the Centers for Disease Control Division of Adolescent School Health (CDC-DASH), Duval County Public School developed Teen Health Centers to focus on three key areas addressing high-risk behaviors: Sexual Health Services, Sexual Health Education, and Safe & Supportive Environments. Funding ensures additional and targeted resources are provided for health educators to deliver instruction from evidence based curriculum regarding the risks of HIV/STD transmission and Florida Department of Health - Duval County (FLDOH-D) is able to provide key sexual health services in locations where these services are not readily accessible. Furthermore, grant partners collaborate with schools, families and community organizations to create safe and supportive environments for all emerging adults.

    All services provided are free and available immediately following school dismissal times for at least two hours, one day per week.  Each DCPS Teen Health Center is open to ages 13-19; while JASMYN has later evening hours every Thursday and is open to young adults ages 13-24.  Clinics offer the following services:

    • Free screening for STDs (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis) and HIV
    • Education about STD/HIV prevention and the testing process
    • Instructions about follow-up for test results
    • Treatment and additional counseling for students who test positive
    • Peer-to-Peer program to educate teens about healthy and safe relationships
    • A supportive environment for all teens, including sexual minorities

    From the program inception in 2013, DCPS has now expanded to 12 Teen Health Centers, as well as a mobile unit to service our students and schools -- see list on the right. The centers at Lee High School and Westside High School reside in the school clinic; remaining centers are housed in collaboration with Full Service Schools Jacksonville (FSSJ). For additional information about the Teen Health Centers, please contact the district Health & Physical Education office, Tiffany Wells at (904)390-2469.

    SHYP (Safe and Healthy Youth Partners) consists of Duval County Public Schools (DCPS), Full Service Schools Jacksonville (FSSJ), Florida Department of Health - Duval County (FLDOH-D), Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network (JASMYN), UF Health and the University of North Florida - College of Health (UNF). The mission of the partnership is to reduce the number of young adults engaging in high-risk behaviors creating an increased threat of contracting HIV and other STDs. The FL DOH-Duval Disease Control Program has secured resources as a result of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 1308 funding to provide testing and treatment at the Teen Health Centers.


CDC DASH Grant Contact Information

  • CDC DASH Grant Coordinator
    Office: (904)390-2469
    Fax: (904)390-2979
    Email: WellsT1@duvalschools.org
    Internal Evaluation and Research
    Office: (904)390-2561
    Fax: (904)390-2979
    Email: DivineK@duvalschools.org

THC Locations

  • Andrew Jackson High
    3816 Main Street
    Jacksonville, Florida 32206
    Ed White High
    1700 Old Middleburg Road N
    Jacksonville, Florida 32210
    Englewood High
    4412 Barnes Road

    Jacksonville, Florida 32207
    First Coast High
    590 Duval Station Road
    Jacksonville, Florida 32218
    Fletcher High
    700 Seagate Ave.
    Neptune Beach, Florida 32266
    Raines High
    3663 Raines Ave
    Jacksonville, Florida 32209
    Ribault High
    3701 Winton Drive,
    Jacksonville, Florida 32208 
    Robert E. Lee High
    1200 McDuff Avenue S.
    Jacksonville, FL 32205
    Sandalwood High
    2750 John Prom Blvd.
    Jacksonville, Florida 32207
    Terry Parker High
    8015 Parker School Road

    Jacksonville, FL 32211 
    Westside High School
    5330 Firestone Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32244 
    (Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network)
    923 Peninsular Place
    Jacksonville, FL 32204