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    What is Sign Language Interpreting Services?

    Educational Interpreters are members of the educational team, they are communication facilitators using the mode of communication understood by the student at their level of comprehension. 

    In accordance with IDEA 2004— DCPS schools use the following modes of communication:

    • Oral Transliteration– uses inaudible speech.
    • Cued Speech— uses phonemic based system.
    • Sign Interpreting— using Conceptually Accurate Signed English or American Sign Language.
    • Captionist - Transcription notes provide equal access to classroom communication.
    • Tactile or close proximity interpreting—for deaf-blind students

    Interpreters should understand the teacher’s intentions and student’s learning goals for each lesson.  They must ensure students’ understanding of the content and terminology as they review lesson plans and any materials that will be presented by the classroom teacher in class.

    Interpreting services are also provided for parents and families who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to ensure equal access to all school related activities and functions.


More Information about Sign Language Interpreting

  • What are the student’s rights concerning interpreting services:

    The student can expect the interpreter:

    • attend every class
    • wait 15 minutes before leaving if student is not present.
    • interpret whatever is spoken or signed in class
    • Keep focused and attentive during all class activities
    • maintain confidentiality and trust
    • report any suspected child abuse situation

    Students can request an interpreter for any school related functions outside of regularly scheduled class times: after school sports, tutor, clubs, etc.

    Students should discuss any problems with their interpreter directly with the interpreter before coming to talk to any staff person. In the event the problem is not resolved, the student should contact Lead Interpreter.

  • Parents rights according to section 504 of ADA:

    Parents who are Deaf are entitled to equal access and an equal opportunity to participate in public school services, programs, and activities.  The ADA and Section 504 apply to all programs and activities offered by a school system, including school board meetings, extracurricular programs, teacher conferences, recreational activities, social and cultural activities, adult education, summer school or hobby classes.  Parents requesting an interpreter for school related functions are to complete the “Interpreter Request Form” two weeks prior to the event or as soon as they are aware of the need, but no less than 48 hours prior to the event.  Parents will turn in the completed form to school principal for signature and forwarding to Lead Interpreter.