Florida Board Adopts New
    English-Language-Proficiency Standards
    developed by WIDA

    The WIDA Standards

    • WIDA has established language development standards for English. These standards represent the language students need to be successful in early childhood programs and grades K-12.
    • The first standard, Social and Instructional Language, reflects the ways in which students interact socially to build community and establish working relationships with peers and teachers in ways that support learning.
    • The remaining four standards present ways multilingual learners can communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.


    The WIDA ELD Standards Framework

    • Defines the language multilingual learners need as they engage in disciplinary learning. The framework serves as a resource for planning and implementing language curriculum, instruction and assessment for multilingual learners.
    • Educators can use the framework to:
    • Promote and guide systematic, explicit, and sustained language development
    • Support and frame collaboration among educators to plan for content and language integration in culturally and linguistically sustaining ways
    • Monitor multilingual learners’ language growth
    • Provide standards-referenced feedback to students and families

    English Language Development  (ELD) Standards are now available on CPALMS  in course descriptions and under the standards tab. 


    For more information please visit Wida.wisc.edu.