• What is the PERT?
    PERT stands for Postsecondary Education Readiness Test. It’s a college placement exam used by colleges and universities in the state of Florida to determine what level of college courses in math and English a student is prepared to take. Incoming college students who do well on the PERT can take regular math and English classes immediately, while those who don’t will have to start with basic or remedial classes.
    The test is computer adaptive, meaning that the computer program chooses your next question based on your previous answer.  Students are not allowed to go back after answering a question.  There is no time limit for completing the PERT.  On the math subtest, students cannot use a calculator for most questions; a pop-up calculator is available for specific questions on the test. There are three sections on the PERT – Math, Reading, and Writing. A student does not have to take all three sections.
    PERT scores apply as follows:
    ·         Algebra 1 FSA Comparative Score – PERT Score 97
    ·         Post-secondary Ready for Reading – PERT Score 106
    ·         Post-secondary Ready for Mathematics – PERT Score 114
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