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    Gregory Drive's Choice Program 
     We are safe. We are responsible. We are respectful.
    DCPS started an initiative known as Reinventing School Choice. This initiative allows each school to offer something special.  Our school’s Choice Program is Math, Science and Technology’.  We believe that Science, Technology and Mathematics  are vital to our future- the future of our country, the future of our region and most importantly to the future of our students.  Students will learn and understand mathematics, science and technology under our Choice program.  We will engage our students with the following:                                                 

    Science- In every classroom, every day!  Our students will learn that Science is our natural world.  Students will conduct hands-on science experiments. Students will complete science projects and have the opportunity to display their projects. 

    Mathematics- In every classroom, every day!  Our students will understand and learn that mathematics can be applied to real world situations.  Our students will be engaged with learning how to apply/use mathematics at the grocery store, the bank and with their personal budgets. Students will know that mathematics is important because it encompasses every aspect of our lives.

    Technology- In every classroom, every day!  In today’s world, technology means computers and smartphone, but it also goes back to television, radio, microscopes, telescopes, and the compass.  Our students will be exposed to technology via Smart Board, projector, document cameras.  Students will learn how to effectively use technology as it will be part of the daily classroom routine.  Our students will have full access to the school’s computer lab.  

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