• Other Student Health Screenings
    Growth and Development/Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening
    Height and weight measurements provide a simple, effective method of identifying potential childhood health problems. These measurements are used to calculate BMI for an individual child. BMI-for-age percentile growth charts are commonly used indicators to measure the size and growth patterns of children and teens in the United States. Growth and development screening is provided to students in grades 1, 3 6, and optionally 9.
    Scoliosis Screening
    The Florida Department of Health and Duval County Public Schools will carry out a scoliosis screening program for all Duval Public Schools in grade six and in Exceptional Education Centers. Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine usually developing in pre-adolescents and adolescents during rapid growth spurts. Early detection can prevent scoliosis from progressing and can identify those in need of treatment.
    For more information about any of the required student health screenings, please see the School Health Services Manual Section J - Health Screening Programs - Revised 06/2019