• TRACK 1 – Graduate Program


    JTR’s Graduate program is designed for people who currently hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in a STEM field; who do not have teacher certification; and who want to teach mathematics or science in a Duval county high-needs middle or high school. 

    The Residency Experience is comprised of three parts:

    1. Master of Arts in Teaching (course work)

    Residents enroll in a rigorous, 14 month, 36 credit hour Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program at the University of North Florida. Course work is designed for students that have limited or no teaching experience. Courses include content in educational psychology, urban education, culturally responsive classroom management and teaching pedagogy and content-specific methods of teaching.

    2. Apprenticeship (field experience)

    Residents gain real-world teaching experience through a yearlong apprenticeship in a middle or high school classroom under the supervision of a Clinical Residency Mentor (CRM).

    3. Professional Development

    Residents participate in Urban Professional Development seminars that support residents and reinforce urban pedagogy and classroom management strategies, connecting course work and the apprenticeship experience. Directors, CRMs and UNF faculty collaborate to ensure that course work and the school apprenticeship complement one another. Residents complete tasks with deliverables that help to strengthen their skills as a teacher and contribute to their completion of their teacher portfolio.


    $20,000 living stipend
    pre-tax; paid biweekly during the apprenticeship year.

    Designated a National Science Foundation NOYCE Teaching Fellow

    Master of Arts in Teaching Degree 
    from the University of North Florida. Classes are 1 day/week during Fall/Spring, and daily during Summer A/B

    Yearlong teaching apprenticeship with a Clinical Residency Mentor (CRM)bulletpoint
    Your CRM is a top-notch, full-time teacher. You’ll join them in their classroom 4 days/week for a year where they will coach and support you on your teaching journey.

    Cohort-model learning community

    Learn and grow with your peers – you’re not alone!

    Post-residency job placement support in an urban Duval County Public School
    We work with Duval County Public Schools to find appropriate placements for JTR graduates.

    $10,000 salary supplement each year for first 4 years as a DCPS JTR teacher

    bulletpoint Four years of induction support
    It’s our mission to help you succeed and grow as a teacher, so that’s why we continue to support you with monthly and quarterly meetings into your first 4 years of full-time teaching.

    Exciting additional benefits may apply upon the receipt of federal grant funding. To be announced June 2018.

    TRACK 1 – JTR STEM Master of Arts in Teaching Program

    To be considered for JTR’s Track 1, candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

     A Bachelor’s degree or higher in one of the following STEM areas:

    • Biology/Biological Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Ecological Science
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Sciences
    • Physics

    Minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credit hours of all work attempted I the qualifying STEM degree

    Minimum passing scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), as follows:*

    • Writing – combined score of 4 out of 6
    • Verbal – 151
    • Quantitative – 147

    *Applicants can still apply to JTR if they have not yet taken the GRE. Scores will be accepted through April 15, 2018.

    Desire to learn how to teach, specifically in the urban setting

    Willingness to reside in Jacksonville, FL and work in high-needs Duval County Public School for a minimum of 5 years (Residency year + 4 years as teacher of record)

    Complete a Prospect Form

    Qualified Prospects will receive an Application Packet via email.

    checkmark Complete an Application Packet
    Application Packets are reviewed by the JTR Committee on a rolling basis.

    checkmark Complete the Online Interview
    Applicants who pass the online interview will be invited to attend Selection Day.

    checkmark Attend Selection Day
    Selection Day is a two-day event that takes place on UNF Campus, and attendance on both days is required. Candidates will learn more about JTR; participate in evaluation activities; meet JTR graduates, UNF faculty, CRMs, Duval County Public Schools’ administration, and other community leaders; and tour UNF campus. Candidates will be notified within 5 days if they have been selected for JTR.

    checkmark Apply to UNF Graduate School
    Once notified of their acceptance to JTR, candidates must apply to UNF’s Graduate School. Continuation in JTR is contingent upon being accepted into Graduate School.

    checkmark Attend JTR Orientation
    Typically held the week prior to the start of Summer B classes, this 3-day orientation is required of all new Residents.