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    Car Rider Parents


    Car Rider Dismissal will take place in the NEW CAR RIDER LINE (old BUS LOOP)

    Dismissal begins promptly at 3:15. PLEASE make sure that you have your 20-21 car rider tag. This will help the car rider line to move quickly. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY WE WILL DISCONTINUE THE WALK UP LINE. All car rider parents should remain in their car with their 20-21 car rider tag visible so that staff can call the number which releases their child. Car Rider Parents walking up DURING dismissal to pick up their child will have to WAIT until all parents waiting in their cars have picked up their children.

    School Board Policy (5.42) States that:

    “A student should not be released within the final forty-five (45) minutes of the school day unless the principal/designee determines it is an emergency or an excused event.”

    As such, our office will be closed to releasing students during the final 45 minutes of school; after 2:45 on regular school days and 1:45 on Early Dismissal days, parents will be buzzed in ONLY if it is determined that there is an emergency cause for dismissal.

    Early student checkouts during this time significantly disrupts instruction and generates chaos as teachers and staff prepare students to go home.

     After orientation, Car Rider tags can be picked up during the mornings of the first 3 days of school as you bring your child to school. After that period of time, parents will need to come to the office AFTER DISMISSAL to receive a Car Rider tag. Please be sure to have your ID.


    Buses are called upon arrival beginning at 3:20 PM. A student roster for each bus/daycare is created during the first days of school. We will check this roster to ensure that ALL students are accounted for. Please have siblings check for each other (once they are on the bus).  All bus riding students are escorted to their bus by a staff member.  Kindergarten students ARE NOT released off of the bus UNLESS there is an adult waiting to pick them up OR UNLESS you have marked another option on the Bus Riding Form.  Otherwise, Kindergarten students will be brought back to the school to await parent pick up.

    **Bus schedules could be off by 15-30 minutes during the first days of school.

    WALKERS/BIKE RIDERS are dismissed at 3:10.

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