• Updating Your Attendance

    Ideally we all want to have our attendance up to date, especially at the beginning of the year when classroom size and the possibility of an additional teacher is anticipated.  If you forgot to complete your attendance for all classes the day before (or if you just forgot to click SAVE when you did the attendaUpdating Attendance nce), you still have the opportunity to rectify your overall attendance.

    When you have completed your attendance, the next day, the completed attendance will appear with letter values for your attendance.  It will be to the left of where you actually document today’s attendance.   If you see little lines that appear as “=”, this means you have no attendance taken for that day.  If it is blank, you didn’t have that class for that day.

    If you click/double click on the “=”, you will open the options for the letter used for attendance.  It will have a drop down list.  Once you have updated your attendance, make sure you click SAVE in the top left of your screen.