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  • What is "Contractor Prequalification"?

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    Contractor Prequalification is an ongoing program of the District governed by state statutes and board policy. Applications are reviewed by a Committee comprised of district employees assigned to evaluate and recommend applications. The review and approval process is performed continuously and cut-off dates for submittal of applications are established to ensure timely processing of each application. Applications received after the established cut-off date would be scheduled for the subsequent review and approval period.

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  • Which construction disciplines are required to prequalify?

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    The Construction Disciplines* subject to this Prequalification Process are as follows:

    • CS/SD: Construction Services and Site Development (CGC or CBC)
    • MS: Mechanical Contractor (CMC)
    • PS: Plumbing Services (CFC)
    • ES: Electrical Services (EC)
    • FA: Fire Alarm System Services (Electrical Contractor or Alarm System Contractor
    • HV: HVAC Services (CAC - Class A or B)
    • RS: Roofing Services (CCC)
    • UU: Utility and Underground Excavation Services (CUC)

    * LICENSE(S): Governed by F.S. §489.113 - Trade, Qualified Business, Qualifiers

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  • How long is a prequalification certification valid for?

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    Once your prequalification has been approved, a 12-month certificate commencing from the date of approval and may  be renewed at each anniversary date will be emailed to you for your records. Be sure to save & track this information. 

    The submittal process takes approximately 60 to 90 days to review, prepare and package for the board agenda. 

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  • Statutory Authority and Laws Implemented

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    Pursuant to State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF), Chapter 4, Section 4.1 “Prequalification of Contractors for Educational Facilities Construction”, Prequalification is applicable to Bids (Invitations to Bid), RFP (Request for Proposal) for Construction Management at Risk and Design/Build or any other Construction Services for a Construction Project with an estimated project construction budget of $300,000 or more.

    The criteria established for Prequalification is in accordance with Chapter 489, Florida Statutes, (SREF) 2014, School Board 8.55 and all other applicable rules, regulations and procedures.

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