• Please follow the steps below when filling out the Building Utilization form:

    Step 1 – Requesting organization or group should complete the top portion of the form to include (a) the name of the school; (b) name and address of the organization or group; (c) requested areas; (d) requested dates; (e) requested hours; and (f) purpose of the usage.

    Step 2 – Requesting organization/group should enter its name in the hold harmless paragraph.

    Step 3 – Requesting organization/group provides information regarding any admission charge.

    Step 4 – Requesting organization/group submits a partially completed form to the school, usually the bookkeeper or school principal.

    Step 5 – The school will calculate the estimated charges for the usage. 

    Step 6 – If the requesting organization/group agrees to the fees, they sign the Building Utilization Form in the appropriate locations (Building Utilization Form - on the line “Signature of Requesting Group”).

    Step 7 – The school will designate the school board employee on duty for the use and the principal will sign under the “Approved” section if the use is approved.

    Step 8 – The school will submit the form and required documentation to the Office of Policy & Compliance (904) 390-2010:

                    Lorena Lukach, lukachl@duvalschools.org; and

                    Tashonia Grant, jonest4@duvalschools.org

    The Office of Policy & Compliance will review and approve or deny the request and notify the school contact person of the decision and, if denied, the reason for the denial. Approval from the Office of Policy & Compliance will take approximately 3 to 5 business days.

    Step 9 – If approved, the Office of Policy & Compliance will send the fully executed form back to the school and the usage may proceed.


    NOTE: If you are requesting the use of an athletic field or gymnasium for an athletic activity, please contact the District Athletics’ Office at 904-858-6142.