Middle School Health Education

  • MS Health
    Middle School Health Education is a semester-long course that introduces students to the basic concepts of health and wellness. Students will explore many topics and the factors that will influence their health and wellness so that they can make health literate decisions regarding living a healthier life.  Duval County Public School students are enrolled in one semester of Health Education in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to meet the 0.5 credit promotion requirement.

    6th Grade Health (M/J Health 4) 

    7th Grade Health (M/J Health 5) 

    8th Grade Health (M/J Health 6)


    Middle School Reproductive Health &Disease Education Scope & Sequence

    Middle school students enrolled in Health Education at any DCPS school will utilize Glencoe's Teen Health textbook among several other ancillary materials and supporting curriculums.  Online textbook access is available to any student enrolled in health education through his/her OneView account.  
    Health Textbook