HOPE (Health Opportunties through Physical Education)

  • The purpose of the Health Opportunities through Physical Education (H.O.P.E.) course is to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices and student health and fitness. Students will realize the full benefit of this course when it is taught with an integrated approach. This one-credit physical education course includes integration of health and physical education and is required for graduation for those students who elected a standard diploma. In addition to the physical education content represented in the benchmarks below, specific health education topics within this course include, but are not limited to:
    • Mental/Social Health
    • Physical Activity
    • Components of Physical Fitness
    • Nutrition and Wellness Planning
    • Diseases and Disorders
    • Health Advocacy
    • First Aid/CPR
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention
    • Human Sexuality including Abstinence and HIV 
    • Internet Safety
    During the course, Parent Notification Letters will be sent home outlining lessons that will be covered in your child's Health Education course.  Teachers have been specifically trained to teach sensitive topics and utilize research-based curriculum.  Parents are welcome to schedule a meeting with the Health Education teacher or the District Health & Physical Education Specialist to preview materials that will be utilized in each lesson.  Parents electing to opt their child out of lessons pertaining to HIV prevention and Sexual Health are asked to submit a letter to the principal of the school.  Any student that is opted out will be given alternate assignments to complete and location to attend during the lessons.   

    HOPE Waivers

    The only approved waivers from the State of Florida for the state-required HOPE- Core course includes the following:
    • Participation in two seasons of an interscholastic sport at the junior varsity or varsity levels AND a passing grade of “C” on the personal fitness competency test (requires waiver # 1500410, 1500420 AND 1504030) for Interscholastic Sports/Personal Fitness test OR
    • Satisfactory completion of four (4) semesters over a minimum of two (2) years in the same Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Program with a grade of “C” or better (each semester). This DOES NOT include dual enrollment ROTC classes (requires waiver #150450 AND 1500460).