Personal, Social, and Family Relationships

  • The purpose of the Personal, Social, and Family Relationships course is to develop advanced knowledge and skills that promote positive social and emotional interactions and relationships. The content includes in-depth study of basic human needs, self-awareness and acceptance. The content should include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Teen Dating Violence
    • Mental and Emotional Health (stress management, coping skills, suicide prevention, conflict-resolution, peer mediation, and negotiation skills)
    • Family Life (family dynamics, parenting skills, prevention of child abuse and neglect)
    • Community Health (health-related community resources)
    • Internet Safety
    • Prevention and Control of Disease (HIV/AIDS and other STIs)
    • Personal Health (human growth and development through adulthood including human sexuality, abstinence from sexual activity, and teen pregnancy prevention, responsible decision-making and goal-setting)

    During the course, Parent Notification Letters will be sent home outlining lessons that will be covered in your child's Health Education course.  Teachers have been specifically trained to teach sensitive topics and utilize research-based curriculum.  Parents are welcome to schedule a meeting with the Health Education teacher or the District Health & Physical Education Specialist to preview materials that will be utilized in each lesson.  Parents electing to opt their child out of lessons pertaining to HIV prevention and Sexual Health are asked to submit a letter to the principal of the school.  Any student that is opted out will be given alternate assignments to complete and location to attend during the lessons.