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    25 BOOK/1,000,000 WORD CHALLENGE
     Embracing the Purpose- Learning, Achieving & Succeeding! 
    Student Participation Guidelines
    1. Read books outside of school-time.
    2. Complete a reader’s response using the appropriate book log. Click here to download the book log. 
    3. Students submit completed response logs to your teacher to document completion.
    4. Monitor progress and celebrate successes within the classroom and school wide.
    Student Participation Incentives 
    1. Special lunch with the Superintendent during the end of year Literacy Extravaganza. 
    2. Elementary students become a member of D.J.'s Book Club
    3. Avid Reader Award for each grade level (per region)
    4. Recognition on district’s website
    5. Superintendent’s Surprise Awards Announced Quarterly 
    6. On-going recognition at the school-level activities and incentives
    Annual Reading Expectation by Grade Level
    Grade Books
    Pre-K to K 75 picture books read with an adult or independently
    1st 75 picture books or 25 chapter books read with an adult or independently
    2nd 150 picture books or 50 chapter books independently
    3rd 200 picture books or 30 chapter books (large type of 100 pages or more) independently
    4th 30 chapter books (large type of 125 pages or more) independently
    5th 25 chapter books (large type of 150 pages or more) independently
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