• EE/SS Support Teams provide assistance to both schools and families. If you have questions or concerns that your child's school has not been able to address, please contact the EE/SS supervisor designated for your child's school. Supervisors provide support to Duval County Charter Schools as well as to traditional Duval County Public Schools. If you would like to see the list of schools in each region, click on the region name.

    Northwest Elementary Region (Click here for list of schools)

    Andrea Boyd (904) 924-3456

    Elementary Schools located northwest of the St. Johns River, John E. Ford K-8, and Westview K-8, including regional charter schools

    Southeast Elementary Region (Click here for list of schools)

    Natalie Broussard (904) 858-6150

    Elementary Schools located southeast of the St. Johns River, including regional charter schools

    Secondary Support Team (Click here for list of schools)

    Emily Bradford(904) 858-6353

    DCPS middle and high schools, including charter schools

    Low Incidence Support Team (Click here for the complete list.)

    Randall Quisenberry (904) 348-5193   

    Low incidence and alternative education programs

    Our low incidence, self-contained programs are listed below. These programs are located in a variety of public schools throughout the district.

        Communications/Social Skills Program (CSS)          Supported Level Academics (SLA)

        Physically Impaired Program (PI)                              Participatory Level Academics (PLA)

        Behavior Support Setting (BSC)                                P.R.I.D.E. Academy