FOR GIFTED STUDENTS


    Gifted children are present in all segments of the population. Gifted children are entitled to broadened access to the gifted program regardless of race, national origin, gender or socioeconomic background.


    Program opportunities are provided for gifted students in elementary and secondary settings. The elementary program consists of either an enrichment class in a pull-out setting or content area classes where gifted students are cluster grouped together with a gifted endorsed teacher.  The middle school program provides gifted students with differentiation of the traditional curriculum through content classes.  In the high school many gifted students choose an acceleration program to meet their academic needs.  Gifted services are provided through a consultation model along with many high schools offering a high school gifted elective.

    Once identified, students will participate in existing classes for the gifted using a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of original, creative, and flexible thinking. Students are encouraged to exercise their unique abilities in an environment that nurtures, supports, and respects individual diversity.  Duval County has a curriculum for both the elementary and middle school gifted programs that is aligned with state content area standards as well as Florida’s Frameworks for K-12 Gifted Learners. Creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and self-awareness are valued components of the curriculum. Instructional strategies are used in the gifted classrooms so that students learn to work cooperatively with peers, create a variety of products to demonstrate their learning and learn research skills so that they can delve deeply into areas of their interest.

    Contact Information

    Cathrine Wiegert, Gifted Programs K-12 Specialist, wiegertc@duvalschools.org

    Misty Allen, Gifted Programs K-12 Specialist, allenm4@duvalschools.org




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