• Definition:

    The Florida Department of Education defines Intellectual Disabilities (InD) as a significantly below average general intellectual and adaptive functioning manifested during the developmental period, from birth to age eighteen. This disability affects all parts of the student’s life—academic, domestic, community living, leisure and vocational activities.

    Duval County Public Schools provides various programs for students with Intellectual Disabilities that recognize the wide range of educational needs for students. In order to provide an individualized program based on student need, services are delivered in a variety of settings. This includes the general education setting, along with the self-contained settings, Supported Level Academics (SLA) and Participatory Level Academics (PLA).

    Consideration of Appropriate Placement:

    When considering placement for students with intellectual disabilities, the Multidisciplinary Team considers Least Restrictive Environment and the amount of time a student will spend with their non-disabled peers. The Multidisciplinary Team is made up of educational professionals that have worked with the student and the parent. Placements can range from regular education in the neighborhood school with supports and services to a self-contained setting based on the individual needs of the student. Intellectual disabilities can range from mild to profound. After the Multidisciplinary Team determines the appropriate placement, the school to serve the student is determined based on the student’s home address.