• Other Health Impaired


    Other health impairment means having limited strength, vitality or alertness, including a heightened alertness to environmental stimuli, that results in limited alertness with respect to the educational environment, that is due to chronic or acute health problems. This includes, but is not limited to, asthma, attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Tourette syndrome, diabetes, epilepsy, a heart condition, hemophilia, lead poisoning, leukemia, nephritis, rheumatic fever, sickle cell anemia, and acquired brain injury. This definition is found in State Board of Education Rule, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

    Students with Other Health Impairments are served in a variety of settings. While some students may require the supports of a site school for medical and/or physical needs, most will attend their neighborhood school. The multidisciplinary team, which includes the parent, determines the type of services and supports the student needs. Once the student’s educational program and supports have been determined, school placement is based on the home address.

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