• FDLRS/Crown: Child Find

    FDLRS Child Find provides assistance in identifying children not yet enrolled in the public school system who are suspected of having special learning needs.

    We Want to Find Some Very Special Children!

    Does your preschool child have trouble with. . .

    •     Learning
    •     Speaking
    •     Hearing
    •     Seeing
    •     Walking
    •     Taking part in activities with other children?

    . . . or are you concerned about your infant/toddler's physical condition, learning, or development in other areas?

    Child Find may be able to help by providing . . .

    •     Screening in the areas of communication, motor development, vision, hearing, and preschool readiness skills
    •     Assistance in placing children with special needs in appropriate exceptional education programs
    •     Information about programs available within the community for children with special needs
    •     Professional consultation for parents

    There is no charge for these services!

  • Contact Information

    To request Child Find services:

    904-346-4601, option 1

    FDLRS/Crown Center

    1531 Winthrop Street

    Jacksonville FL 32206

    Heinrich Schmitges, Supervisor

    Phone Number:


    FAX: 904-346-4611