• Students Holding Diplomas
  • Students with disabilities can earn a standard high school diploma using any high school graduation option that is available to all students, including those described in sections 1003.4282(1)-(9) and 1002.3105(5), Florida Statutes (F.S.). The majority of students with disabilities will earn their diploma in this way. Two additional high school graduation options, available only to students with disabilities, are provided in s. 1003.4282(11), F.S., and further described in Rule 6A-1.09963(3) and (4), Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).

    Graduation requirements and diploma options vary depending on the school year that the student enters ninth grade for the first time. For further information, please click on the appropriate link below:

    **Please note that Special Diplomas are no longer available for students with disabilities entering 9th grade for the first time beginning 2014-2015 and thereafter. For these students, two additional standard diploma options are available. 

    For additional information, please contact your student’s school counselor.