• What are Florida Standards Access Points?
    ·         These standards drive the curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities
    ·         They reflect the key concepts of the Florida State Standards with reduced levels of complexity
    ·         They ensure access to the standards that apply to all students in the same grade
    Who is eligible for Access Point Curriculum?
    ·         Students with the most significant cognitive disabilities for whom the Florida State Assessment (FSA) is not appropriate
    ·         Decisions are made by the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) team using the Participation Checklist
    Who takes Alternate Assessment?
    ·         Students who are receiving instruction on Access Points Standards.
    ·        Students who require direct instruction in academics based on access points in order to acquire, generalize, and transfer skills across  settings.
    What are Access Courses?
    Access courses are those courses that have been designed for students who are being provided instruction on Access Points Standards. These courses have been intentionally designed to foster high expectations and promote access to the general education curriculum.
    ·         Are setting neutral and, therefore, are applicable regardless of educational setting
    ·         Provide students with differentiated opportunities to master grade-level access points
    ·         Show clear connections to life’s activities
    What are Essential Understandings (EU’s)?
    Essential Understandings, or EUs, are supports and scaffolds that unpack the access points to assist in the teaching and learning of the standards.