• audiology

    Audiological Services is staffed by Florida licensed audiologists. This department provides a wide range of services, including audiological evaluations, AP (Auditory Processing) evaluations, hearing aid benefit assessment, and audiological clearance for educational testing (hearing statements).


    All children who are enrolled in a Duval County Public School Exceptional Student Education (DCPS ESE) program and have failed two consecutive hearing screenings given at least two weeks apart, are eligible to receive an audiological evaluation. Other children may receive services through the referral of the Team at their school. Only those children from 3-21 years of age and currently enrolled or awaiting placement in a DCPS ESE school program may be tested.

    Services Available Include:

    ·       Audiological evaluations
    ·       Auditory Processing (CAP) evaluations
    ·       Hearing aid benefit assessment
    ·       Audiological record review
    ·       Educational hearing statements
    ·       Support services to children with
    ·       cochlear implants
    ·       bone anchored implants
    ·       FM systems fitting and maintenance
    ·       Hearing aid repair and hearing aid checks
    ·       Other personal assistive listening devices
    ·       Earmold fabrication
    ·       Installation of soundfield systems in the classroom
    ·       Loaner hearing aids, if needed
    ·       Record review
    ·       Consultation in the classroom
    ·       Support for the classroom and collaboration with teachers regarding the supervision and monitoring of assistive hearing technology.
    ·       Training to school personnel in the use of specialized hearing equipment and troubleshooting