• Section 1003.572 Florida Statutes indicates that private instructional personnel who are hired or contracted by parents to collaborate with public instructional personnel must be permitted to observe the student in the educational setting, collaborate with instructional personnel in the educational setting, and provide services in the educational setting according to the following requirements
    (a) The student’s public instructional personnel and principal consent to the time and place.
    (b) The private instructional personnel satisfy the requirements of s.1012.32 or s.1012.321.



    As used in this statute, the term “private instructional personnel” means:

    (a) Individuals certified under s.393.17 or licensed under chapter 490 or chapter 491 for applied behavior analysis as defined in ss.627.6686 and 641.31098.
    (b) Speech-language pathologists licensed under s.468.1185.
    (c) Occupational therapists licensed under part III of chapter 468.
    (d) Physical therapists licensed under chapter 486.
    (e) Psychologists licensed under chapter 490.
    (f) Clinical social workers licensed under chapter 491.


    Other Private Service Providers:
    The District will permit other Private Service Providers, hired by the parent, outside of those listed in Section 1003.572 F.S. to provide services at a student’s school of enrollment.
    Parent/legal guardian/educational surrogate must complete and submit the current Private Service Provider Access Request Packet to Julie Overstreet with the Exceptional Education and Student Services Department.
    NOTE: The Private Service Provider Access Request Packet is updated annually.