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  • You are expected to complete all requirements for the Professional Certificate during the validity period of the Temporary Certificate.  Temporary Certificates cannot be renewed.  Duval County Public Schools require completion of all requirements prior to expiration of the Temporary Certificate for contract renewal and continued employment the following school year.
  • Your Statement of Status of Eligibility (SOE) outlines the requirements necessary to obtain a Professional Certificate.  It is your responsibility to satisfy requirements for certification within the prescribed timeframes. When your Florida Educator Certificate is issued, the expiration date of your certificate takes precedence over the expiration date of your SOE.
  • There are three examinations required to obtain your Professional Certificate:
    • General Knowledge Test
    • Professional Education Test
    • Subject Area Exam
  • The General Knowledge Test must be passed within the first year of hire in the State of Florida.  The General Knowledge Test contains four parts.  If your hire date IN FLORIDA is the first day of school or prior to the first day of school, your deadline to have all portions of the General Knowledge Test passed is June 30 of the school year in which you are hired.  If your hire date is after the first day of school, your deadline to have all portions of the General Knowledge Test passed is June 30 of the following school year.  You must refer to the Certification Information Check Sheet provided to you at your new hire appointment.
  • The Professional Education Test and Subject Area Exam must be passed prior to the expiration of your Temporary Certificate.
  • Your SOE will also outline your education coursework requirements.   You may complete this requirement by enrolling in an Alternative Certification Program, Educator Preparation Institute Program or an accredited college.
  • One year of practical teaching experience in an elementary or secondary school is required to obtain a Professional Certificate.
  • You must: 
    • Submit a completed application and $75.00 processing fee.
    • You must submit documentation of timely completion of all the requirements listed on your SOE to FLDOE.