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       School-based administrators serve as the primary leaders of the school for which they are responsible. They offer guidance and support to our instructional and support staff and create a positive learning environment which is centered around student success. School-based administrator positions include: Principals, associate principals, assistant principals, directors of student services, and dean of students. 

       The purpose of the School-Based Performance Evaluation System is to specify performance expectations in a number of performance areas. Through analyzing self-assessments and observations, school-based administrators (SBA) and their evaluators will identify areas of strength and areas for growth. This process assures that SBA performance is continually enhanced and refined.

       The process allows evaluators to collect comprehensive and accurate assessment data for judging SBA effectiveness so they can support quality leadership every day. Effective school leaders improve schools by enhancing the teaching opportunities of educators and the learning opportunities of students. In the 2015-2016 school year, DCPS will prioritize key elements and provide immediate support and development where needed, to ensure improvement and validate achievement in all facets of an effective leader. 

    DCPS has identified FIVE categories that define an effective leader.  The five categories are as follows:

    • Instructional Leadership
    • Discipline and Safety
    • Parent/Community Engagement
    • School Culture
    • Operations