• Center for Language and Culture

    Visit the website: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/9361

    (on the campus of Kings Trail Elementary)
    7401 Old Kings Road South
    Jacksonville 32217
    The Center for Language and Culture (CLC) is a service center for refugee, immigrant and newly arrived families who speak a language other than English. The CLC offers homework assistance to students, evening language classes for parents, informational community sessions in various languages, and orientation to American schools for newly arrived families.  We are trying to make a positive difference through our actions and services so that families new to Jacksonville have a smooth transition into the American culture and into the Duval County Public school system.  Our goal is to make our community a better place for all of its members.
    The CLC serves three main objectives:

      1. Testing Center for Student

    • Initial English Proficiency Testing for Students
    • Utilize results of the Home Language Survey to designate testing for all new students entering DCPS Advise parents on program options (Home School, Dual Language, Newcomer)
    • Assist parents with registration documents including lunch registration and transportation

      2. Orientation Services for Parents and Families

    • Complete registration forms
    • Information about American schools and service agencies
    • Information on clinics and health care centers
    • Provide Translations
    • Referrals to VPK centers and summer programs run by the city of Jacksonville

      3. Resource Center and Multifunctional Classroom

    • School Orientation Meetings
    • Streetwise and Safety
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Immunizations  & Children’s Health
    • Parent and Community Outreach Programs
       - Burmese Family Night
       - Arabic Family Night
       - Hispanic Family Night