Assessment Services and State Testing
  • As of March 17th, 2020 all state assessments have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

    Below you will see information about the implications of the cancellation of state assessments: 

    Q: How does the cancellation of state assessments impact students?

    A: The answer will vary based on students’ placement within their educational journey.

    · Current Seniors: If a senior is expected to graduate in spring 2020 and has not met the exit criteria for Algebra I EOC and/or Grade 10 ELA FSA, or earned a concordant score, this criteria will be waived. However, students still must earn the necessary credits and meet the GPA requirements to graduate.

    · Non-Seniors: The Department is waiving the requirement for non-senior students who are currently enrolled in a course that requires an EOC to take the associated EOC. However, non-seniors who have yet to pass the Grade 10 FSA ELA must still meet the exit criteria by passing that assessment during a future administration or earning a concordant score. Though non-senior students enrolled in the EOC course of Algebra 1 are not required to take the Algebra 1 EOC, they must still meet the mathematics assessment graduation requirement by either passing the Algebra 1 EOC (offered four times each year) during a future administration, earning a concordant score, or passing the Geometry EOC during a future administration.

    · Grade 3 Promotion: Generally, the Grade 3 ELA FSA is a key component districts use to make promotion decisions. Since this data will not be available due to the cancellation of statewide assessments for the 2019-2020 school year, promotion decisions should be made in consultation with parents, teachers, and school leaders based on the students’ classroom performance and progress monitoring data.

    · 30% for Final Grade: For students currently enrolled in courses that include a statewide EOC to be factored into the student’s grade, this requirement will be waived. Districts have the discretion to determine whether district-developed EOC assessments are necessary for these courses for the 2019-2020 school year

    Q: Are there any circumstances under which students may return to a school while campuses are closed in response to COVID-19?

    A: Yes, as long as groups are limited to 10 or fewer people, including the educator, in a single occupied space, students may return to campus when continuing operations that, to the greatest extent possible, support remote student learning, including delivery of educational and student services and resources. This includes taking an assessment, such as those related to workforce, adult education, AP, IB, or AICE; or receiving needed instruction or tutoring.

    Other Frequently Asked Questions and guidance can be found at:

  • The Testing Office oversees the distribution and administration of all state-mandated assessments such as the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). Please contact the Testing Office with any concerns or questions regarding FSA, FSAA, State EOC, PERT, or ACCESS for ELLs Paper.

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