Data and Assessment

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    Performance Matters serves as the district's data portal regarding both State and District assessments. Performance Matters allows district personnel to create assessments, track assessment scores, and analyze assessment data to help drive instruction. Other programs under the Performance Matters umbrella include Baseball Card, Scoreboard, Comparative Results, MyReports, etc...  


    Please contact the DAT team at or 904-390-2678.   


    Director                     Katy Stouffer  


    Supervisor                Ronaldo Crespo


    Specialist                  Janis Browning


    Specialist                  Jennifer Brown


    Specialist                  Tiana Brown     


    Specialist                  Brandon Russell



  • Updates to School-Wide Access in Performance Matters  



    We realize changes may happen throughout the year. If you have individuals at your school that either need their school-wide access added or removed to their PM profile, please use the link below. The principal needs to complete this Qualtrics in order to update the user's profile.


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