Data and Assessment
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    Need help with assignments or assessments?

    If anyone needs or wants help creating online assignments / assessments in Performance Matters we can help. Performance Matters is still available for both teachers and students to use. 

    If you have an assignment / assessment already created as a word document and you want students to complete it, we are offering our services of building it for you. If you send the word document to we can determine in which way the assignment / assessment should be created. In the email, tell us when you would like it to be available for students as well as the answer key. 

    Students will be able to complete the assignment / assessment online and if the questions are multiple choice, PM will grade it for you. 

    If they are open response questions, we can show you how to grade after students have responded. 

    Performance Matters serves as the district's data portal regarding both State and District assessments. Performance Matters allows district personnel to create assessments, track assessment scores, and analyze assessment data to help drive instruction. Other programs under the Performance Matters umbrella include Baseball Card, Scoreboard, Comparative Results, MyReports, etc...  
    Please contact the DAT team at or 904-390-2678 for any questions or concerns regarding school or district created assessments.  
    Data and Assessment Team

    Director       Katy Stouffer        

    Supervisor   Ronaldo Crespo    

    Specialist     Janis Browning     

    Specialist     Jennifer Johnson  

    Specialist     Andrew Miller      

    Specialist     Tiana Brown