Data and Assessment

    To access Performance Matters, please click the PM logo below. 



    Performance Matters serves as the district's data portal regarding both State and District assessments. Performance Matters allows district personnel to create assessments, track assessment scores, and analyze assessment data to help drive instruction. Other programs under the Performance Matters umbrella include Baseball Card, Scoreboard, Comparative Results, MyReports, etc...  


    Please contact the DAT team at or 904-390-2678.   


                                        Data and Assessment Team 

    Director        Katy Stouffer           Supervisor   Ronaldo Crespo    

    Specialist     Janis Browning        Specialist    Jennifer Brown  

    Specialist     Andrew Miller           Specialist    Tiana Brown 





DAT happenings
  • District-Wide Access in Performance Matters 

    All district-wide access was removed from Performance Matters on July 20th.  In order to receive that access again, if it is necessary for your position, you will need to have your Regional Superintendent, Executive Director, or Director fill out the link below.  Please allow one business day from the time of the submitted link to see this update reflected in Performance Matters.


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  • School-Wide Access in Performance Matters 

    For the 2021-2022 school year, DAT will remove users in PM that have school-wide access. If you are supposed to have school-wide access, please have your principal complete the link below.  


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