Data and Assessment Professional Development 
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     School Year 2019-2020 Training Opportunities 

    The following training sessions are available to be booked during the school year. Use any of the icons at the top of the page to schedule this training for your school. School Admin and Coaches are authorized to schedule this training.
    The training sessions below should be scheduled during the school day. You may book a trainer for an entire school day and release teachers throughout the day to attend training. 
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  • The Power of Performance Matters (Recommended for Novice Users)

    Approx 90 minutes

    In this course, participants will view and disaggregate data using a variety of reports available within Unify. Through the use of Student Detail, Baseball Card, Student Item Analysis, My Reports, users will analyze student, test, class and school-wide data along with comparatives to district performance.

    Excel – From Basic to Beyond

    Approx 60-90 minutes

    *this course is limited to 10 participants

    This course is designed to cover a range of abilities within Excel. The work will begin with novice skills such as filtering and printing and will progress to more complex features such as VLOOKUP and PivotTables.

    360 degree of Progress Monitoring (Recommended for Experience Users)

    Approx 90 minutes 

    This training will provide a complete view of progress monitoring, both from the perspective of a student and a teacher/administrator. We will delve into the data available to students in the NEW student portal. We will also explore the use of student filters in various reports throughout Unify. 

  • Test Creation with Multiple Choice

    Approx 90 minutes

    Test Creation with Multiple Choice This session will offer an introduction to test writing within the Unify platform. Participants will build assessments from items in banks as well as multiple choice items they will create. Both test styles will be covered including Online Administration and Answer Key Only (AKO) assessments.

    Creating Interactive Items in Unify

    Approx 90 minutes

    This training will focus on how to build technology-enhanced items within Unify. These items are attached to standards in order to aid in data analysis and can be created to mimic various interaction types. By learning how to build items, users can then create tests using their own material.

    Answer Key Only (AKO) Test Creation

    Approx 45 minutes

    This shows how to create an Answer Key Only (AKO) test. An AKO allows users to take a previously created test (from a different platform such as Word) and administer using a Unify answer sheet or online. The answer sheet mirrors the type and amount of items that are found on the test. AKO's also allow for data tracking for the user.