• Access the latest software for Microsoft Office products, FOCUS grade portal, Blended Learning, E-Learning student support programs, and student coursework. Avoid having to enter countless usernames and passwords by utilizing our single Sign-On (SSO) portal call Duval HomeRoom. Students, parents and staff will be able to access multiple applications and programs, eliminating the hassle of multiple log-ins and simplifying it all into one stress-free step. Please sign-in using your district username and password. If you are a parent and do not have a DCPS account, you will need to create one. For instructions on account registration, please click-here.


    The key benefits of using Oneview are:

    Having to remember only one password.

    Strengthens IT security and control.

    Ease of tracking application usage, instances of credential sharing and shared workstation usage.

    Move between services securely and uninterrupted.