School Safety Officer
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    The Duval County School Police (DCSP) Department is a 24/7, fully certified police agency and all of our officers meet the requirements of Florida State Statute 943.13. 

    We provide full police service to all Duval County Public School property, and at all sanctioned Duval County Public School events. 
    Our officers have full authority to investigate all criminal incidents on and around all Duval County Public School property, and have full arrest powers if necessary.  
    • Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age
    • Be a citizen of the United States
    • Possess a valid Florida driver's License
    • Be in good physical condition
    • Must possess a High School Diploma or GED
    • (Preferred not Required) A degree from an accredited college or university
    • Possess a Basic Law Enforcement Certification issued by the Florida Criminal Standards and Training Commission
    • Be of good moral character 
    • NO INDIVIDUAL who pleads guilty or nolo contendere to or is found guilty of any felony, even if the sentence was suspended or adjudication was withheld by the judge, or
    • NO INDIVIDUAL who pleads guilty or nolo contendere to or is found guilty of any misdemeanor involving domestic violence, perjury, or false statements, even if the sentence was suspended or adjudication was withheld by the judge is eligible for employment.
    Prior to being considered for employment, all applicants must successfully complete the following: 
    • Polygraph Examination
    • Background Investigation
    • Credit History Check
    • Driver's License Check
    • Criminal History 
    • 10 year previous Employment and Residential Check
    • Medical
    • Drug Screen
    • Psychological Examination
    • Oral Board Interview
    • Administrative Review 
    • Uniform(s) include all necessary equipment for the performance of duty such as weapons, leather goods, cold weather gear and safety equipment.
    • 11 paid holidays
    • Annual, Sick and Personal Leave  
     Service Raise
    • An employee shall receive $300.00 a year for each five (5) years of service 
    •  $35,600.00 yearly plus benefits
    State Education Incentive (non cumulative incentive pay)
    •  $80.00 Bachelor's/Master's Degree
    •  $30.00 Associates Degree 
    Prior Law Enforcement Skills & Training Differential
    (paid annually)
    •   5- 9 yrs   $300
    • 10-14 yrs   $500
    • 15-19 yrs   $700
    • 20  +  yrs   $900
    Life Insurance
    •  $10,000
    Comprehensive Health Coverage
    Secondary Employment Opportunities
    Our Officers have first choice for working all of the Duval County Public School's
    • Sporting Events
    • Drama/Musical Events
    • Spring/Fall Festivals
    • Academic Competitions
    • District Events 
    • And More!!!

    $     BONUS     $
    DCSP Officers are paid time and a half PLUS Benefits for working all secondary employment!

    Under FRS rules, All overtime counts toward your retirement

    If you are interested in applying for a position with our Department please visit the link below 
    Duval County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, marital status or genetic information (and other protected classes included in the district’s Non-Discrimination Policy) in its educational programs, services or activities, or in its hiring or employment practices. The district also provides equal access to its facilities to the Boy Scouts and other patriotic youth groups, as required by the Boys Scout of America Equal Access Act.