• Office of School Choice

    Magnet/Special Transfer Applications

    2021 - 2022

    The ON TIME application window for Magnet and Special Transfer applications is open through Saturday, February 28, 2021.


    Submitting Your Application

    All applications for the 2021 - 2022 school year are online and available by logging into your Parent/Guardian FOCUS Accounts.

    All Parent/Guardian of students who wish to participate in the Choice Application Lottery must have a Parent/Guardian FOCUS Account to access the application.  After you create your Parent/Guardian FOCUS Account you will be sent an email asking that you verify your request.  Once you verify your account it could take up to 48 hours for the system to update. Create a Parent/Guardian FOCUS Account.

    Students new to Duval County Public Schools will need a student I.D., in addition to parents having a Parent/Guardian FOCUS Account.

    If you do not see your student's name in the top right corner of your Parent/Guardian FOCUS Account, then the accounts need to be linked.  Click here, to link your Parent/Guardian and student account(s).  If your student is new to Duval County Public Schools please select "Applicants" in the School field.  If you have created a student I.D. for a student new to Duval County it could take 24 - 48 hours for the system to update.  During that time you will not be able to link the two accounts.

    Students who are new to Duval County Public Schools must have a local address and provide two acceptable proofs of residence before we can complete the processing of an online application.  This link provides additional information about proof of residence.  Once you have requested that your accounts be linked please send two acceptable proofs of residence to school_choice@duvalschools.org.  Linking accounts is not an automated process.  We are only able to link accounts once we receive documents that support your residence in Duval County.

    Once your student is linked to your account you will be able to see their name in the top right corner of your FOCUS Account.  Select "My Child" from the left margin and select that application(s) that you are submitting.  You many select up to two (2) magnet and one (1) special transfer option.  

    FOCUS Application Portal

    All students have equal access to the application process.  Unfortunately there are no guarantees.  Admission is determined by a lottery that is based on the number of openings and the number of applications received for a school or program.  


    After You Apply

    All applications received by the respected deadline are processed in the lottery. The lottery is a computerized program that randomly selects students based on:

    • The priority that has been assigned to each choice.
    • The number of available openings for each program and grade level. We have included the utilization of each school which has a direct impact on openings a school may have for new magnet/STO students.


    The Waiting List

    Students who are not placed in either of their magnet selections or their special transfer option selection are placed on a Waiting List(s).

    Students who are spaced in one of their magnet or STO choices do not appear on a waiting list for any other choice.

    Keep your notification letter in a safe place. It contains your Waiting List number, and if openings become available during the summer, they will be filled according to that number. Your first opportunity to be contacted from the Waiting List is during the summer. You will be notified by telephone, and you will have only 24 hours to accept or decline placement in the school offered. It is important that your correct phone number(s) are on file in the FOCUS system. 

    If your contact information changes, be sure your current school updates your address and phone number.

    For the 2021 - 2022 school year, the last day students were contacted off a waiting list was August 7, 2021. In rare instances, students may be contacted in January 2022 for second semester admission.


    How to Apply - Processing of Late Applications

    The application period for submitting late applications will begin around mid April.  

    Late Applications do not receive a calculated priority like on-time applications.  They are processed based on date/time the application is submitted and only if schools have available seats.