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    What kind of opportunities are available in the Stanton band? 

    Stanton’s band offers many performance opportunities for students. The core of our band program is the daily band class. Our band classes continue to develop skills on instruments, as well as prepare for both marching and concert band performances. Once enrolled in band, students also have many optional opportunities, such as All-State, District Honor Band, Solo and Ensemble, and Tri-M Music Honor Society. 

    Are there multiple band classes? 

                Yes. Beginning Band is a class designed for students who have never taken band before, so that they can begin learning an instrument. Concert Band is our intermediate band, designed for any student with at least one year of band experience, including at the middle school level. After a year in Concert Band, students may audition to enter our Wind Ensemble class, meant for advanced students. Both the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble classes make up our marching band. 

    What sort of advanced music studies are offered at Stanton? 

                Two advanced music studies classes are offered to students enrolled in band or choir during their junior and senior year. AP Music Theory explores music from an analytical standpoint, rather than a performance-based one. IB Music is a further study of music of the world, as well as emphasizing work on composing original music, and fulfills the sixth subject requirement of our IB program. 

    What does the year look like for band students? 

                In mid-July, summer band camp begins, and prepares the band for marching season. From August through the first weekend in November, the band performs Fridays at football games. From November through the end of the school year, the band works through concert season, which is very similar to middle school band: a Winter Concert in December, MPA in March, and a Spring Concert in April. The wind ensemble, our advanced band, closes the year with a performance at graduation. 

    What about summer camp? How does that work? 

    A schedule can be found down below and has the dates and times for the marching band camp, including what students are required and when. If you can’t make part of the camp, please let me know, and I’ll make sure a spot is saved in our halftime show for you. Otherwise, the schedule also has advice for how to successfully handle the camp. 

    How do I sign up for band? Is there an audition? 

                No audition is necessary! Simply sign up for Band 1 in your course selection, and I’ll make sure that you’re put in the correct class. Also, parents, please email me with your student’s information (name and instrument) along with any email addresses you would like added to our mailing list. Having your student’s information allows me to more easily place your student in the correct class before the school year ends. 

    Is there a band fee? 

                Yes. We ask $250 to help cover the costs of running the band. Most parents choose to pay this in installments of $50 a month, which covers all of it by December. This fee pays for transportation, food before all football games and concerts, uniforms, sheet music, and more. If this fee is a burden, please speak with me and we can work out a way to reduce the cost so that it is affordable for you. 

    Is there any way to contact you directly? 

                Of course! My email and phone are included down below, though I prefer email as it’s easier to answer back. If you would like to meet face-to-face, I am more than happy to do so, please feel free to contact me and schedule a time for us to meet. 

    BAND CAMP 2024 (Information will be posted around June 2024)

    Make sure to bring plenty of water! While we stay inside during the hottest parts of the day, it is still hot out in the early mornings. You will get plenty of water breaks, so please have water to drink during these! 

    On that note, bring sunscreen, even if you don’t think you need it. It’s easy to get burned in the summer Florida sun, even if it’s cloudy out. 

    Eat a good breakfast. Without this, it can be easy to pass out in the middle of physical activity outside. 

    We don’t provide lunch, so bring your own on our 8am-3pm days. We do allow for a good deal of time on those days as a lunch break, so you’ll have plenty of time to eat and chat with friends. 

    Wear comfortable clothes. We will be outside engaging in a good deal of exercise. Wear something that is comfortable to move around in for long periods of time. This includes wearing closed-toe shoes! 

    You will need a flip folder and lyre to hold your music. These can be purchased at most music stores or online. 

    Most importantly: BRING WATER. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated.