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    Andrea A.





       Principal Talley

  •    I count it an honor, a privilege, and a blessing to have been selected to serve as principal of the Jefferson-Davis Middle School, home of dynamic Chargers!  I am also humbled and excited about this 2019-2020 school year and the challenges we will encounter and the successes we will celebrate.  Whatever challenges arise, we will face head-on, with a no-nonsense approach, and we will face them together as a community comprised of students, teachers, staff, and parents.  In the same manner, will we celebrate our successes and victories together.

         As I think back on my own years as a student, I remember one theme, or hashtag as it is now referred, was “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”  As principal, I will do my utmost to instill in each student that there is no dream beyond reach if one is willing to work to achieve it.  Each student must make up in his/her own mind that failure is not an option if success is the goal and that hard work is the only way to attain the dream.  The only one who stands between you and your dream is you. 

         The theme for my high school was, and still is, “We serve with pride and humility.”  I wish to also engrain in the minds of our students that when they walk through those hallowed doors, they are coming here to serve.  “Serve who?” you may ask.  The Jefferson-Davis Chargers will be coming each day, first of all, to serve themselves a big, fat helping of education.  The students must further realize that each individual is responsible to receive and make the best of what’s being taught; no one can allow you to learn but you, and no one can stop you from learning but you.  Processes and procedures have been restructured to provide students with the best teaching and learning environment possible.  Students will also realize that they will not only serve themselves but will serve their parents who made it possible for them to arrive here daily ready and excited to learn.  They will serve their parents by maintaining honorable behavior and by making the best grades possible.  They will serve their teachers by being ready to learn as they walk into their various classrooms.  Finally, they will serve each other by conducting themselves in such a manner that allows their fellow students to feel safe and secure with the opportunity to learn as well.  If students follow through on service, they can be proud of themselves, their school, and their community.  This type of pride produces humility in heart and mind. 

         Our hashtag here at Jefferson-Davis Middle School this year is “NothingButTheBest.”  That will be our driving force to accomplish all that we set out to do this year.  Our students are “NothingButTheBest.”  Our teachers are “NothingButTheBest.”  Our parents are “NothingButTheBest.”  Our school is “NothingButTheBest.”  Our community is “NothingButTheBest.”  Make no mistake about it we will accept “NothingButTheBest.”  We will settle for nothing less!  We are the Jefferson-Davis Middle School Chargers!  We are “NothingButTheBest,” for we are better than the rest!!

         Our doors are always open.  Please feel free to schedule a time to come in and visit with us!  You are always welcome!  There are no problems too large or too small that we will fail to give our full attention and time to in order to arrive at a solution.  If it is important to our parents or students, it is important to us.  Thank you again!  I assure you that I am committed to giving Jefferson-Davis students, parents, faculty, and staff my “NothingButTheBest” at all times.