In the Event of an Injury... 

    On-Site Injuries:

    The athletic trainer will evaluate the athlete's injury and implement immediate treatment as deemed necessary. The student-athlete's parent/guardian will be notified by phone by the athletic trainer regarding their child's injury, at home care guidelines, and precautions (if any).

    Off-Site Injuries:

    In the event an athlete is injured at an away game or event, or during an outside club sport, it is the athlete's and/or head coach's responsibility to report to the athletic trainer as soon as possible for the evaluation and treatment of that injury. The athletic trainer will then provide safe return to play guidelines for the athlete and determine if a physician referral is needed. 

    Physician Referral: 

    In the event an athlete needs to be referred to see a physician for further evaluation and treatment, the athletic trainer will provide the parent/guardian the option to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist within the referral network, or the parent/guardian can choose to schedule an appointment with the athlete's primary care physician. The orthopedic specialists within our referral network work with most insurances. 

    Medical Clearance Note:

    If an athlete is seen by a physician and is required to sit out of play due to an injury or surgery, the athlete will need to provide a physician's clearance note that lists the reason for visit, a statement declaring the athlete can return to full participation in their respective sport, and must be signed and dated by that physician. This clearance note must be turned into the athletic trainer for the athlete to return to play.

    Emergency Transports:

    In the event of a life-threatening injury, the athletic trainer will activate the Emergency Action Plan for that specific injury. The athlete will be transported to the nearest hospital recommended by the emergency transport personnel. The athlete's parent/guardian will be notified by phone as soon as possible.