• Dear Parents and Athletes of the Ribault Community,

    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Jean Ribault Athletic Training Program. Below are brief descriptions for parents and athletes to understand the roles and responsbilities of the Ribault Athletic Training Program.

    Athletic Trainer: Jean Ribault High School employs one full time athletic trainer. This individual is licensed by the state of Florida and is certified by the Board of Certification. The athletic trainer is here to ensure student athletes of this high school have the utmost care when it comes to their athletic injuries. She will actively participate in the prevention, treatment, and care of any athletic injury that occurs to your child during the course of their participation in athletics. Every attempt will be made by our athletic trainer to be in attendance for all high school athletic events.

    Medical Referals: If in the unfortunate event your child will need a medical referral to a doctor either the athletic trainer or coaching staff will contact you to let you know. As the parent, you are free to take your child to a doctor of your choice. From time to time there will be local doctors on site during Ribault's athletic games or competition. If your child becomes injured and is evaluated by a doctor at the event site, you are not obligated to continue your child’s treatment with this doctor if further medical treatment is warranted. If and when your child is seen by a doctor for an injury or illness he/she are to bring a note from that doctor stating their activity level for both practices and games. This note is to be given to our athletic trainer at the high school or the student athlete’s coaches. Once the note is received stipulating an amount of time for restricted/no athletic activity, it will be followed by Ribault's Athletic Training Department Protocol. If you as a parent would like a second opinion regarding your child’s medical condition, you are free to do so. Ribault's Athletic Training Department asks that if you seek a second opinion that it be from a similar type or more specialized doctor.

    EXAMPLE: The student athlete is held out of activity by an orthopedist. To be released to full activity one of two things needs to happen. Either the amount of time specified by the doctor’s note elapses, or the student athlete is released by another orthopedist.

    It is important to remember that we as athletic trainers have the student athlete’s best interest in mind. We will not make a decision to allow a child to play if we feel like it will jeopardize his/her's health simply to give their team a better chance to win.

    Athletic Training Room Procedures: The athletic training room will open every afternoon that school is held at 1:30 PM (Monday through Thursday) and 2:00 PM (Friday's). Any student athlete who has a new or existing injury is expected to be here at that time to be evaluated by our athletc trainer. After the initial evaluation, the student athlete may need to perform rehabilitative exercises to improve the condition of their injury. If a student athlete is unable to come at 1:30 PM or right after dismissal for treatment, he/she need to make arrangements with the athletic trainer for an alternative time. All rules for the athletic training room are posted for all student athletes, their parents, and Ribault's staff to see. They are to be adhered to if the student athlete is to receive treatment for their injuries.

    Required Paperwork: The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) requires that all athletes have a valid pre-participation physical to practice and play. Ribault's Athletic Department, with the help of local medical professionals hosts a free physical day for every new and returning athletes each year in July. If a student athlete does not get his/her physical at that time they will be expected to get it on their own at their own expense.