FHSAA AT-18 Form

  • The form below is required to be completed and then kept on file at school with our athletic trainer prior to any return to participation following a head related injury or diagnosed concussion.  


    The form is a two part form

    Part I is completed once the treating physician is satisfied the athlete is symptom free and can begin some gradual training to prepare to return to their sport. Minimmally, this is a four-day process which is outlined on the form.  This process requires supervision and documentation to comply with Florida statute.  

    Once this gradual process has been completed and documented on the form by the athletic trainer or coach, Part II of the form can be completed by the physician.  

    This will require the physician to review the documentation and will sometimes require an additional visit to the physicians office for a final exam.

    Once the treating physician completes Part II, this is submitted to the school athletic trainer for review and filing.  

    The school athletic trainer then notifies the team physician who will provide further guidance.  

    It is important to understand:  There are times when the team physician, atheltic trainer and coaches may still proceed cautiously even after receiving this paperwork.  Please remember, the paperwork is simply a step in the process, ultimately it is up to our school medical team to determine clearance.  The school medical team will work together with our coaches to promote a SAFE return to sport.

    Clearance does not mean an athlete has earned a starting position back on a team or guarantee any playing time for the individual athlete.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


  • This form is provided by the FHSAA and is a mandatory component of the athlete's file.  It must be completed annually and parents/guardians and athletes are encouraged to read and be completely familiar with the information contained within the form.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.