• What To Expect During A Transport 

    In the event an athlete needs to be transported to the hospital via ambulance, there are certain protocols our sports medicine team must follow.  Here is what to expect:
    -Call 911 or emergency medical services (EMS)
    -Contact parent/ guardian of athlete
    -Determine if parent is available to ride in EMS vehicle with the athlete. If parent/guardian is not available, a coach will accompany the athlete to the hospital.
    -Determine which hospital athlete will be transported to. Typically, this will be the nearest hospital from the current location.
      Baldwin EMS Team
      During JV and varsity football games, Baldwin has a team of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) who assist with emergency medical conditions, such as an unconscious athlete, spinal injury, fracture/dislocation, cardiac arrest, heat exhaustion, etc. Baldwin is currently using Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department for all transports. For all other sporting events, EMS will be contacted via phone for emergency transports.