• Parent Perception Survey

    The Parent Perception Survey is administered during the Spring and runs concurrently with the Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey. The Parent Perception Survey is designed to measure parent perceptions about their child's school on a number of indicators such as communication, parent involvement, academic quality, school environment, and transportation. The results give school and district leadership an in-depth view of parent perceptions and areas to target for improvement for the following school year. 

    Gallup Student Survey

    The Gallup Student Poll is a 20-question survey that measures the hope, engagement, and financial literacy and entrepreneurial aspirations of students in grades 5–12. Research supports the idea that hope (ideas and energy for the future) and engagement (involvement with and enthusiasm for school) are actionable targets linked to student achievement, retention, and future employment.

    The Student Poll was conducted online during the school day in the Spring of 2014, Fall of 2015, and Fall of 2016. DCPS students in grades 5-12 participated.

    Both of these surveys have yielded a wealth of data designed to inform DCPS improvement efforts. Gallup has provided presentations for executive staff, principals, and central office managers. Gallup coaches and principals have had one-on-one conversations. Ongoing dialogue will continue with teams of employees across DCPS as we continue to leverage insights from these data to drive success.

    The results provide a comprehensive view of school-level data collected from the employee and student surveys and are at the foundation of many important discussions and actions being taken throughout DCPS.

    Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey

    Based on more than four decades of research, Gallup has identified definitive employee attitudes that correspond with the most successful workplaces. Employee engagement – involvement with and enthusiasm for work – is measured by Gallup in a 12-question employee survey. An employee’s level of engagement links to various school outcomes, including employee retention, parent engagement, student retention, and student achievement.

    The Gallup employee engagement survey, which includes 12 questions, was administered in the Spring of 2014, 2015, and 2016.


    Please direct all questions to the Office of Strategic Partnerships and Planning by calling (904) 390-2007.