• high school social studies  


Black History Month
  • The Social Studies Department is sponsoring a Black History Month Contest. The theme for this year's contest is Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy in Florida History. Students should focus on the accomplishments of a local African American or African American Floridian who achieved success despite the adversity or challenges they faced in their life. Projects are due on February 25. 


    Black History Month Contest: High School

  • African American History Course

  • Unit 1: Ancient Africa: The Kingdoms

  • Unit 2: Slavery, from Africa to America

  • Unit 3: Slavery and The Civil War

  • Unit 4: Freedom Deferred

  • Unit 5: Impact of African American at the Turn of the 20th Century

  • Unit 6: Impact of African Americans During WWI and WWII

  • Unit 7: The Civil Rights Movement