History Fair


    National History Day

    Leadership and Legacy in History


    The Duval County History Fair is a program that allows students to research a world, national, state, or local history topic. The program allows students to express what they have learned through creative and original performances, web sites, documentaries, papers, and three-dimensional exhibits.

    Every year an expansive theme is selected for the National History Day contest.  Duval County Public Schools follows and fully supports this theme. Students may select a topic on any aspect of local, regional, national, or world history. The topic chosen must be clearly related to the annual theme. Students are encouraged to limit the scope of their topic to make the research and interpretation of the topic manageable. In other words, narrow the topic to focus on an issue that can be explained and interpreted within the category limits of size and time.

    Resources regarding the State Fair may be found at www.floridahistoryfair.com/

    Resources and information regarding the National History Day Competition may be found at www.nhd.org

    For additional information, please contact Specialist Phil Little at littlep@duvalschools.org